Monday, June 7, 2010

How To Not NOT Post

I committed the mortal sin of blogging last week by…not blogging. Blog followers (a.k.a. readers, a.k.a. fans…depending on who you are and what your ego allows you to call your peeps. I like “minions”…but then, if I actually use that term, I’ll get 30 or so friends telling me to pull my head out of…err, the clouds) are like any other consumer base. They are creatures of habit. If you promise them that something is coming, then they will be more likely to look for it. If you blog on a regular schedule, folks will check back in with you on a regular basis to see what you’re up to. Conversely, if you blog whenever you feel like it, with little regularity, they will cease to check in after a few weeks.

I try to blog at least once a week, both on this site and on our editorial Blog and Roll page. I don’t really have the time to do more, given the amount of other writing and editing I do. And with Boy 1 pinging around the house like a ball of flubber and Boy 2 still working out the subtleties of Rob Halford’s “Victim of Changes” opening, writing around the house with any regularity is a bit of a challenge — in the same way that the Invasion of Normandy was a bit of a challenge. Beyond that, I like to let the pot boil a while before I put these on the plate, so to speak. But once a week is pretty reasonable.

I encourage any of you, whose blog is of importance to you or your business, to keep up with it. Give your readers a reason to come back on a regular basis, and give new readers a reason to start following.

So mea culpa, folks. New blog to come, asap!

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